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Bride-to-be, how to choose a wedding ring

Publish:Dream Only Jewelry  Time:2016-05-10
For a wedding ring is so important meaningful things to be carefully selected, of course, but many bride-to-be don‘t know how to according to the choose and buy a wedding ring finger, get married so long today small make up to share the wedding ring of choose and buy the complete.
Bride-to-be, how to choose a wedding ring
First of all, want to beautify the shape of the hand with a diamond ring, according to the contrast in your fingers.
Fingers slender, big can follow their own preferences to select the right diamond; If finger is fruity, can choose to quit wide or design theme clear ring, the others attention to you in the ring, instead of their hands; Slender fingers chose those delicate style of ring.
1, short refers to the type of couple ring style tips: design modify the shape of the hand defects in a straight line
Short refers to the type should choose linear shape, olive shape, pear shaped ring, avoid round, square and rectangular stone lovers ring. The design of the ring is a straight line or diagonal lines, best because it makes a short look more slender fingers.
2, medium type refers to couples ring style tips: according to the personal style to shape the shape of the hand of the beautiful
As your fingers belong to medium, then you can according to the interests and personal style to wear any shape of the ring. But bear in mind that any rings should not long to refers to the joint, also can not broadly across the width of your hand. In this way, your hand type modified to achieve the perfect realm of graceful.
3, long type refers to couples ring style tips: add the charm of the shape of the hand to horizontal style
A slender fingers, appropriate ring wear horizontal line, article style such as high, rich, multi-layer Mosaic, round and square stones will be good. Avoid pear-shaped, lam pointed and straight ring, because they can make you look more thin fingers, try the same finger more than thin ring, horizontal stripe and slender fingers suitable lining, can increase the charm of hand.
Options, professional custom
Can shape your hand sometimes ring type, but are not necessarily as you wish, the style don‘t like, diamond quality not beautiful, this problem will appear. If you choose professional custom, can avoid this problem. According to their ideas, to create your own love diamond ring, can not only beautify the shape of the hand, and as your dreams of carat diamond ring.
Actually in the aspect of wedding customs, diamond has always had the meaning of the eternal, so the new people‘s wedding ring will choose diamond ring is conceivable. But when choosing a wedding ring or pay attention to the style and workmanship issues.
The above is the small make up to introduce the wedding ring the complete of choose and buy, hope you can help prospective brides choose to the most fitting ring oh.