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Get married diamond ring with different meaning of buddhist monastic discipline

Publish:Dream Only Jewelry  Time:2016-05-10
  Although we often hear that diamond ring with buddhist monastic discipline, diamond ring and buddhist monastic discipline each have what meaning, what‘s the difference between diamond and buddhist monastic discipline, believe that most people don‘t know much. Today for a long time to get married small charged explain for everybody, let you the couple when they get married can better choice to treat.
  Get married diamond ring with different meaning of buddhist monastic discipline
  First of all, say a diamond ring. Diamond ring in our life more as a wedding ring, generally by the man to the woman. General in platinum diamond ring material as raw materials. The diamond ring is more formal, more design also. In common sense, a diamond ring is a woman‘s love, is not only a valuable diamond ring, more of a diamond ring on behalf of the meaning. The diamond ring is a symbol of marriage, represents the men have about women‘s responsibility and bear. Like sing in a song: you and my love is like crystal, than solid crystal. The diamond ring can make women more confident, more beautiful. A heavy diamond ring, the eternal love is a man of a woman‘s oath.
  Get married diamond ring with different meaning of buddhist monastic discipline
  Pledge to buddhist monastic discipline is as a general engagement, generally by men and women both parties exchanging, material for platinum or K gold, design is relatively diamond ring, is a much simple. Buddhist monastic discipline is in pairs, as lovers or couples express‘s fidelity to love, and the double habitat‘s dream, and of course determination to leave. Buddhist monastic discipline, just like love contract, can be sad, this valentine. Love is the only, not to repeat, not easy to master, buddhist monastic discipline and life only have once.
  Honest man will say diamond ring you again, what is not cash, can‘t eat not to drink, but it is a promise, a certificate letter, a memorial. Diamond ring is small, can carry at any time, saw it and thought of him. Facilitate collection, on behalf of your love for her guard her forever, will not change as time goes by, just like diamond firm eternal, constancy. The woman need a diamond ring, because women emotional animal romantic nature.
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