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How to spend the least money to buy the most agreeable diamond ring

Publish:Dream Only Jewelry  Time:2016-05-10
  "To get married right away, but choose not to diamond ring to do, good-looking is too expensive, cheap and despise, anxiety......" Recently heard a lot of the bride-to-be to get married in such a small make up complaining and whining. To a good answer you about the diamond doubts, small make up the parties find finishing materials, the diamond and the knowledge of naked drill to learn and understand. The small white diamond don‘t be afraid, follow the small make up, learn how to choose and buy gratified flexibly naked drill and make it your own finished a wedding ring.
  How to buy most agreeable diamond ring
  First is the certificate of the diamond, the most common and most authoritative certificate GIA (GemologicalInstituteofAmerica) the American college of gems and EGL (EuropeanGemologicalLaboratory) signed by the European institute of gems.
  GIA compared with EGL is more strict. 4 c diamond grade, same GIA is better than EGL 2 level.
  Certificate in general can see the information such as the size, color, cut diamond, commonly referred to as 3 ex is better diamond ring.
  3 ex means: cut (Cutgrade), polishing (Polish) and Symmetry (Symmetry) is the best state. GIA certificate have their pros and cons from high to low: Excellent, VERYGOOD, GOOD, be clear at a glance!
  And then there are the 4 c about diamonds is the most important
  What is the 4 c?
  4 c is the basis of the evaluation of diamond, of course, also decided the value of the diamond.
  Including cutting grinding (cut), color (color), clarity, clarity, and carat (carat).
  Cut Cut
  Cut the original refers to cut grinding of diamond shape technology, symmetry, proportion of now include diamond and polishing quality.
  In the 4 c standard of other three cases, the stand or fall of cutters, and even can affect about 40% of the diamond price oh.
  And then speak to you often hear eight heart, eight arrows.
  The popularization for everyone, not to say that eight heart, eight arrows will prove that you are the best diamond, all round diamonds can see eight heart, eight arrows oh, just said some eight heart, eight arrows less evenly split, some of the more standard. In general, presented by rough diamonds 3 ex eight heart, eight arrows effect is the most beautiful and the most standard!
  Eight heart, eight arrows is under a certain cutting technology, from diamonds above aspect, can see the same size, shines brightly and symmetry of the eight arrows.
  How to buy most agreeable diamond ring
  Color Color
  Colour and lustre of level generally begins with D (a white) ha ~ ~, the farther down, will appear more yellow diamonds, also not so bright. In general D - F is quite good diamond color, suitable for budget is sufficient, require higher girls can choose, and G - I between diamond prices are more affordable, more cost-effective, suitable for budget is economical and practical.
  K below color, don‘t suggest you to buy, because generally choose such diamond color even to the naked eye can see yellow, affect the quality of diamond drill, with less beautiful.
  Clarity Clarity
  Clarity from high to low is divided into: FL (perfect), the IF (perfect), VVS (analyzes), VS (analyzes), SI (small inclusions), P (inclusions). Jewelry store more than most diamonds are SI, namely "the naked eye under the absence of any defect. Generally recommend don‘t choose P below level of diamonds.
  Clarity is also has a great influence on prices!
  How to buy most agreeable diamond ring
  Had said the diamond, the basis of sums up small make up myself to buy to flow like a diamond ring, take your reference:
  1. Set your budget
  2. The finished diamond ring counters try to store the diamond ring that oneself like, find their own style and size
  3. Your budget and sales staff communication, let her before his bullish on style and size of other indicators, choose close to budget price satisfaction naked drill
  4. Choose good naked drill after chosen to quit dragging
  5. Accounting price whether can accept
  6. Feel satisfied with the order
  7. After custom inspection acceptance diamond ring
  Generally buy diamond walked into the store, counter young lady would ask what size you probably want a? About how much is the budget? Then according to your answer, take you to see the finished ring.
  Here remind you: before go to shop of choose and buy a diamond, you‘d better consult an approximate budget, listen to avoid the store clerk introduce more see more beautiful, the pouch watched the embarrassment. Is going to buy around $five thousand, or ten thousand, or sculptures, all have a clue, so sales staff also relatively easy to introduce you to a higher ratio of diamonds.
  If there is no spectrum to buy diamond budget music friends, a few introduce can also told the clerk to suit your hand shape diamond ring, try a few different sizes and styles, you can draw what size and which style is suitable for their own diamonds, then look at their corresponding price you can accept, if you feel the price high on the clarity and color adjustment again ~ so also easy to efficiently buy their diamond wedding.