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How to get satisfactory wedding ring diamond ring inlaid way

Publish:Dream Only Jewelry  Time:2016-05-10
  A good marriage diamond ring, you must have sophisticated Mosaic technology, so as to maximize the show a diamond the bright side. Here is to introduce the diamond ring inlaid way what, convenient new buying the right wedding ring.
  How to buy a satisfactory wedding ring
  Diamond ring inlaid way first: claw set method
  Claw set method is the most classic diamond inlay technique, is also is popular on the market alone the grain diamond style. With metal claw buckle diamond tightly. Because this is basically a little keep out diamond inlaying metal, can make a lot of light from each direction, making diamonds look bigger and more radiant.
  Claw set method according to the shape of the claw points pointed, round, flat, and V. Claw set can be divided into six claw inlay, four claws, three jaw set. Diamond wedding ring will belong to six of the most popular claw crown, can maximum limit display the sparkle of the diamonds, and more solid. Tiffany setting, still is the most popular diamond wedding ring style.
  Diamond ring inlaid pattern the second: track method
  Track set is also called the tank set, it is to point to make a groove on the bracket of precious metals, and then put the diamond into the groove of a method of fixed. This kind of Mosaic method is generally applicable to ring with the small circle of Mosaic, will each size and the diameter of the same diamond inlaid in orbit in a row, create a fluent and concise aesthetic feeling.
  The diamond ring Mosaic pattern third: nail Mosaic method
  Set method is on the metal material with the edge of the mouth, with tools to shovel out a few small nails, to hold the diamond. This kind of Mosaic method is mainly suitable for less than 3 mm in diameter of gems, with dense nail Mosaic a little gem diamonds can highlight the center, luxurious, the adornment effect of bright.
  Diamond ring inlaid pattern fourth: card method
  Card set method is now more popular wedding ring styles, new compared to the Mosaic method because it can with claw set mashups, diamond is a colorful modelling. Card set using the tension of the metal fixed diamond waist or is part of the waist and bottom tip, make diamond suspended in the middle of the ring ring and break through the traditional Mosaic form, on the design of the model is more flexible, and added young feeling and stylish for a wedding ring.
  Diamond ring inlaid pattern fifth: hide method
  Hidden set method is one of the more traditional diamond inlay technique, it is to put the diamonds in metal thicker, or part of the larger area, make diamond pavilion department not exposed a Mosaic method. New people if you don‘t like diamonds out of style, then hid set diamond wedding ring is a better choice, it can bring a person the aesthetic feeling of simple and pure.
  Diamond Mosaic mode 6 kinds: package method
  Package set method is one of today‘s popular method of diamonds. This method is to use metal base surrounded by diamonds, diamond desktop and crown. When new people choose and buy package with diamond wedding ring, pay attention to the bottom tip of diamonds part cannot reveal bracket, package edge and diamond should be tight, no gap between uniform and smooth level off, smooth.
  Diamond ring 7 kinds of Mosaic way: nail set
  Embedded technology is complex, but fine chic. A small metal hole seize every gem, become a fine base.
  Above is the small make up to introduce several kinds of diamond ring inlaid, convenient new buy suitable wedding ring.